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Advantage of superior quality

Product of the best elevator

Advanced technology of high-end

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Elevator leading green energy-saving miracle

  • Suzhou Lingmu Elevator selection of rare earth materials, adopts outer substructure, permanent magnet synchronous motor drive, and the coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and computer group control technology to fully mix, make control system more reliable, with superior performance is achieved without lubricating oil, the eradication of oil pollution, down the sound of noise reduction efficiency, and small volume. Light weight, low power consumption, etc.

    Gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine
  • Suzhou Lingmu Elevator adopts vector control of digital closed loop VVVF inverter, according to the actual load of capsules, has speed, through to the current size and phase adjustment, real-time accurate control host torque, ensure smooth running of the elevator.

    Efficient vector VVVF inverter
  • Adopts advanced frequency conversion machine, open the closing speed can be adjusted freely, door machine system design is clever, will not bring impact to capsules height, solid and reliable, and the whole system run smooth and quiet.

    VVVF Frequency conversion door system


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