Suzhou Lingmu Elevator Co.,Ltd. sales notice

Because now appear on the market some claim to Suzhou Lingmu Elevator Co.,Ltd., sales agents, without authorization, quotation, disrupt the market, the normal operation of the formal sales agents in other areas, the company’s unique this notice, hope that all parts of the country agents to comply with the rules and regulations of Suzhou Lingmu Elevator Co. Ltd. The following companies are not for the authorized unit:

1,Suzhou Lingmu Elevator Co.,Ltd.. Northwest branch Contact: wang xiaofang

2, sino-japanese joint venture Suzhou Lingmu Elevator  factory Beijing sales department Contact: Liu Jiaxin

3, Xi ‘an SSEC elevator sales installation co., LTD Contact: Guo Yichuan

4, sino-japanese joint ventureSuzhou Lingmu Elevator factory sales headquarters in Beijing Contact: Zhou zhuangchun

5, Lingmu Elevator Co.,Ltd. Suzhou branch Contact: Li Chicheng

Hereby notify the above.