After the world’s first power can continue normal use of the elevator

Have been in China for about 1.5 million elevators in use, and once all the elevator power outages, can’t continue to use the elevator, and the medical elevator, especially the fire lift when the elevator power, will cause the ride in the elevator passengers were put in the elevator.

And the current domestic have a kind of elevator flat layer of emergency system, although after the blackout, can at the nearest floor flat layer after open the door, but once the fire is in this layer, then opened the door to the elevator passengers in a more dangerous situation.

Suzhou Lingmu Elevator Co. Ltd., through cooperation with suzhou cloud can electric co., LTD to develop the world’s first with the elevator can continue normal use of the lift when the power is cut off.

Suzhou Lingmu Elevator At present in the elevator testing tower has started trial operation, and through the two months after the operation, fully meet the design requirements, and can run in constant velocity when the power is cut off for an hour.

The elevator is used two kinds of patent technology, one kind is 380 v ac battery, one is the elevator uninterrupted power supply. After the two technologies applied to the elevator, when grid power blackouts, within four over one thousand of a second battery quickly switch to the communication, and make the elevator passengers won’t feel the elevator had a power outage.

Now Suzhou Lingmu Elevator Co. Ltd., the lift of the host power at 22 kw, 22 kw elevator uninterruptible power supply and equipped with 10 kw/H battery, theoretically can make the longest elevator running to an hour (no load uplink and downlink power loaded with very few, so can be ignored). If you want to equipped with 20 kw/H power or higher, so the elevator running time will be more extended.

The configuration of the product is generally calculated, according to the elevator host power 380 v UPS will be as large as the host power, 380 v ac battery electric power generally may not be less than 5 degrees. When a speed of 1.75 M/S elevator using this technique, the host usually is 9.5-11 kw, equipped with a UPS for 10 to 12 kw, and battery choose about 5-10 kw/H, is 5 to 10 KWH.

The elevator can be configured to use maximum power of 50 kw, battery can store 50 largest KWH.

Suzhou Lingmu Elevator Co. Ltd., will be officially launched in 2013 formally to the nation, and recommended the fire lift medical elevator use elevator uninterrupted power supply.

After adopted the uninterruptible power supply, if the fire lift of high-rise fire evacuation and fire fighting personnel transportation can play a biggest role, the first time to make more fire rescued trapped personnel.

If hospital beds elevator using this technology, then in the lift after the blackout, trapped in an elevator in the patient will continue to be transported to the designated floor, to ensure the patient’s treatment and life support.

Suzhou Lingmu Elevator Co. Ltd., the first elevator power uninterrupted use of the elevator, will in the future for safe use of high-level elevator plays a bigger role.