Suzhou Lingmu Elevator after-sales service

Thank you very much for your trust in our company, to provide you with high quality, efficient and comprehensive after-sales service is our tenet. For creating famous brand, improve enterprise well-knownness, the setting up enterprise image, we in line with “all the pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction as the tenet” of spirit, with “the most reliable product quality, and thoughtful service, the most preferential price” the principle of commitment to you: let you enjoy the elevator bring convenient at the same time, no any trouble back at home.

Product quality commitment:
1, product manufacturing and inspection are quality records and information.
2, about the detection of product performance, we invite users to whole process of product, the whole performance examination, to product delivery is confirmed qualified before packing.

 Product price promise:
1, in order to ensure product high reliability and advanced nature, the system of material use domestic or international brand products with high quality.
2, under the condition of equal competition, our company are not to reduce product technical performance, change the parts, on the basis of cost of sincerity to provide to you the most preferential price.

 Delivery time commitment:
1, product delivery time: according to user requirements, as far as possible if you have special requirements, need to be ahead of schedule, we can special production, installation, to meet user needs.
2, product delivery, our company provide the following documents;
(1) technical maintenance manual
(2) general installation
(3) the purchased components specifications and manufacturers
(4) provide the wearing parts, spare parts list, together with a certain amount of spare parts

 After-sales service commitment:

1, the owner side elevator installation and debugging acceptance after the completion of the into my company product warranty for 12 months service period.

2, in product quality assurance service period we will regularly send professional maintenance personnel at the scene of the owner side elevator for road maintenance.

3, each elevator maintenance cycle will be controlled in a month or so.

4, the owner side some special requirement on the running time of the elevator, on the maintenance time, our company will give full consideration to the arrangements.

5, such as problems in the product warranty period, our company staff will be notified in the province 24 hours after correction, fujian association of foreign languages and 48-72 hours.

 The supply of spare parts:

The Product Warranty Period

1, for the owner of the elevator I will free replacement damage under normal use of the elevator components.

2, we will be alone in the company’s spare parts warehouse for owner side of each type of elevator always ready to two sets of elevator control panel and a sufficient number of wearing parts.

3, we will also at the scene of the elevator used to do along with it a part of the common parts.

 In the product after the warranty period

1, beyond product quality warranty reserve supply under the premise that the payment has a good reputation with “supply after the first payment” for the principle, to ensure the safe and high quality operation of elevator for owner.

2, such as the party with my company owner elevator maintenance contracts in the company’s spare parts warehouse, we will separate for owner side of each type of elevator always ready to two sets of elevator control panel and a sufficient number of wearing parts.

3, after the maintenance contracts for owner elevator I company will with preferential price provided under normal circumstances the damaged elevator parts.

4, after the maintenance contracts will also be prepared to do along with it a part of components.

5, we will offer our favorable damageable parts spare parts price list for owner.

With our enthusiasm and thoughtful service for your peace and happiness.