Technical training seminars

       In order to further promote the friendly cooperation with all the brothers unit, work more efficient, better adapt to the market, our company in late February to early March 2011, held a four-day “technical training seminar”. To attend the conference members come from more than 40 brothers unit of more than one hundred commissioning and technical personnel.

       The training divided into two big modules, theoretical study and field operation. Centered “SEC3000 elevator control system application”, “BL3 -u all-in-one application”, “SLC1000/3000 all-in-one application”, “synchronous host the brake adjustment” and other series of problems of learning and debugging. Theory, by my company and shenyang blu-ray drive technology co., LTD and ningbo ShenLing elevator accessories co., LTD., the senior engineer for the teaching of related company. Site operation site arrangement of each workshop in my company, grouping operation, to ensure that the training of debugging and technical personnel can mount guard operation.

        This training communication meeting, not only for the company’s technical staff provides an opportunity to communicate each other, and learn from each other, also for the future communication between company and company created a good platform, contribute to elevator industry technology progress, to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the elevator industry.