The participation enterprise green expo elevator

 Expo as the world’s oldest and one of the biggest international event, is a major event in display of human civilization and progress of science and technology, is an important stage show of the latest achievements of science and technology. In one hundred, to the development of world industrial footprint engraved on each session of the world expo. And elevator this industrial products with the expo, expo can be traced back to one hundred years ago in New York, made its debut at that time the elevator safety device immediately jing. A major industry in its own rapid development at the same time, the invention also drives the world building gradually enter the age of the skyscraper.

On May 1, 2010, the 41st world expo in Shanghai huangpu river formally began. The Shanghai world expo park covers an area of 2.1 square miles, is expected to usher in more than 70 million visitors during the show, so huge passenger flow and the public transportation system in Shanghai facing unprecedented significant challenges. It is reported that the Shanghai government to upgrade the city’s traffic and infrastructure invested about $45 billion, and a comprehensive upgrade for the public transportation products, put forward the low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection as the main purpose, to high standards of quality and safety of the basic requirements of the indicators.

Therefore, this expo infrastructure, such as drinking water facilities, elevator transportation related products also passed the screening. Taking the elevator as an example, the whole expo site elevator equipment finally only by the national 18 famous elevator manufacturers responsible for construction. As cooperation elevator manufacturers, one of the fast elevator company President lee is Mr Guerra said: “we have the honor to ningbo pavilion for expo site, vancouver museum and the China railway pavilion elevator equipment and related services, in the process of bidding to deeply understand to the expo site construction project quality and safety, and high standards of low carbon energy saving, etc, this can gather together with the elevator enterprises in Shanghai, to make the expo event, believe is not only to express elevator, elevator industry as a whole is a very meaningful thing.”

Green environmental protection idea with world expo “low carbon” boom

In order to embody the concept of “ecological world expo, science and technology expo”, this expo is not only on the choice of public transport equipment uphold the concept of low carbon, green, environmental protection, but also the “low carbon” to carry out to every corner of the park. The park on a large scale application of the new LED light source technology and “Shanghai ecological home” building energy saving technology, makes a 30% reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide in the park; In addition, in the expo site and the surrounding large-scale demonstration operation of new energy vehicles, also makes the park has realized the automobile exhaust “zero emissions”; And depend on the geographical advantage of binjiang layout of the expo site, the use of the huangpu river water as the cold source heat pump and underground shallow geothermal resources as measures of ground source heat pump, and fully embodies the expo site low carbon environmental protection concept.

As a result, “low carbon environmental protection” boom of the expo site. It is understood that low carbon expo is received strong support from all parties, many well-known enterprises for the expo provides a “green” products and services. Lenovo as the expo, computer equipment and system operation service senior sponsors for this expo ThinkCentre M series computer, it is with its technical innovation and design innovation, low radiation, low energy consumption successfully win the favor of the expo.

As one of the world expo cooperation elevator manufacturers, and rapid elevator provides the main products for SUPEX capability machineroomless passenger elevator and escalator JES series. Four of them are equipped with the special button SUPEX elevator, vancouver pavilion rapid elevator products as a special, sick and disabled people, is the quality guarantee. SUPEX series adopted, for example, in the aspect of energy conservation and environmental protection performance excellence of microcomputer control system and VVVF technology: machineroomless configuration scheme effectively improves the construction area of utilization; Compact design of permanent magnet synchronous gearless driving mode make the transmission effect is greatly increased, compared with the traditional way of energy saving by about 50%; At the same time, do not need lubrication structure without gear, put an end to the oil and waste oil processing may lead to environmental pollution problems. As the international green inside the elevator industry, the rapid elevator for energy conservation and environmental protection technology attaches great importance to fully embodies in the expo products, with the idea of “green expo”.

The world expo venue and ancillary facilities construction of energy-saving new technologies, new products, all start from the details, advocate green expo. However, in the face of such a magnificent building, the expo site low carbon environmental protection is not the only appeal points, the expo site in the quality of infrastructure related products and services is extremely seriously.

Quality and safety services support expo infrastructure

The particularity of the expo venue construction, service population intensive and high utilization rate of infrastructure makes it with the infrastructure must be up to the high technology, security standard, so the quality of the products and security to become the expo infrastructure construction in one of the core factor. Specific to the elevator products, each big business enterprise of the elevator in the construction of the current world expo support, must transform of a single product and technological innovation for the high quality products and security services combined with comprehensive services.

In the expo elevator cooperation brand fast elevator, for example, as a member of the international leading elevator companies rich service consciousness, not only to improve product quality, improve product environmental protection technology, more of its own to conduct a comprehensive upgrade, with the appropriate product support expo site construction. More importantly, it will be the public easily understand firsthand the security and maintenance services into enterprise part of the service system, which will provides a strong backing for its brand upgrade.

Actually not only is the foundation of the world expo period construction, on the urban construction of the expo site construction of revolutionary change will continue to long-term impact on the urban construction, in the future after the world expo period, also need the elevator enterprises for the construction of the city with energy-saving products and excellent service. Meet the comprehensive needs of quality and safety services will become the elevator industry development trend in the future. Thus, if the elevator brand just stop or improve the quality of technology innovation, has far cannot adapt to today’s society demand for public transport equipment. How to guarantee the quality of our products and how to improve the quality of service, and how to develop innovative environmental technologies, this is world expo period after the elevator enterprise should deep thinking and discussion on the problem.

Elevator enterprises stand in the stage of world, facing the changing industry trends and the trend of The Times, is actively seek the respective development prospects. For China elevator industry, the expo is a huge stage, is also a chance of reform. The change of the moment, the elevator enterprises should take on together for the expo, is the escort of China construction of the social responsibility.