Elevator industry energy-saving “low carbon”

“Low carbon industry” is based on low energy consumption low pollution industry. Under the background of global climate change, “low-carbon economy”, “low-carbon technologies” by the world more and more attention. Low-carbon technologies involved in electric power, transportation, construction, metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical and other departments as well as on renewable energy and new energy, clean utilization of coal, oil and gas resources and coal bed methane exploration and development, carbon dioxide capture and storage areas such as the development of effective control of greenhouse gas emissions of new technology.
Towards a low carbon era is the trend of The Times. For a long time, human reliance on carbon-based energy, leading to excessive, CO2 emissions from the greenhouse effect, the global environmental, economic, and even the human society have a huge impact, seriously endanger human survival, more terrible than the economic crisis. Solve the problem of the world’s climate and environment, low carbon is a basic way, also is the only way for the development of human beings. Low carbon is a systems engineering, must proceed from the overall economic and social, efforts to build new system, low carbon development focused on seven aspects to achieve “low carbon”. Then I can add a “elevator energy saving low carbon” ha ha A little exaggeration.
Work for energy conservation and emissions reduction, and also combined with the current rapid economic growth at the same time, the serious resource destruction, energy consumption is very big, acceleration, of carbon dioxide emissions earth environment deteriorating, the present situation of the human living environment is becoming worse, the CPC central committee and the state council to make a major strategic deployment, only to do a good job of energy conservation and emissions reduction, transformation of the mode of economic growth and actively developing circular economy, achieve the virtuous cycle of natural ecological system and social economic system, to achieve sound and rapid economic and social development. Governments at all levels attach too much importance to this work, therefore, to make the arrangements. The elevator energy conservation and emissions reduction, promote green elevator, environmental protection is an important part of energy conservation and emissions reduction work. Elevator energy-saving emission reduction should be the social each enterprise and every citizen’s social responsibility, not only should promote the use of construction and energy saving fields, but also cause the attention of the party and government organs and institutions. China elevator association relevant data show that the country is
Elevator to electricity saving, the core is how to making use of electricity in a state of dynamic braking motor output. In fact, the electricity saving potential of the lift. As is known to all, the vertical lifts motor drag load rotation movement that had the mechanical kinetic energy, and motor drag and the upward movement of the load and has the potential energy. When motor drag load slow movement, the mechanical kinetic energy will be released, when the potential sexual load falling movement (who can decrease), the mechanical energy will be released, if can effectively transform the two parts of mechanical energy into electrical energy and recycling, can achieve the purpose of saving electricity. In general, the elevator can mainly use is made of the grid by the rectifier, filter, inverter and other transmission to the motor. When the motor is in a state power (i.e., the non-equilibrium running up and down or slow station), the energy will be accumulated on filter capacitance, produce pump to rise voltage, if pump voltage is too high, will threaten the elevator control.
The elevator energy conservation principle,
Due to the elevator is a potential energy load, in order to uniform drag load and load by the passenger elevator capsules and to balance blocks. Only when the car load is about 50% (such as 1 ton passenger elevator passengers about 7 people), capsules and to heavy counterweight in both the quality of basic equilibrium state, otherwise, the capsules and the heavy counterweight will have poor quality, make the elevator runtime produces mechanical energy. Elevator quality heavy components on row, absorbed by the motor power grid electric energy conversion of mechanical energy. Elevator quality heavy components downward, the mechanical energy reduction, this reduces the mechanical potential energy released by the motor into the inverter dc link capacitor stored energy, energy feedback unit and then this part of the energy feedback to the local area network, supply the other is to use electrical equipment, make the total electricity meter walk slowly, the purpose of saving electricity.

The main characteristics of intelligent elevator energy feedback device:
1. Using the latest high performance microprocessor control, fast response, high control precision, stable and reliable operation, etc.
2. The feedback PWM control algorithm optimization, high power factor, output current waveform of better, distortion rate is lower.
3. Digital control, with flexible adjusting feedback voltage, on-line detecting the input voltage, dc bus voltage, output current, the radiator temperature, and other functions, the user can according to need to work online feedback.
4. The built-in ac reactor and high frequency filtering device, make better feedback waveform, reduce foreign high frequency noise.
5. Protection, with grid backflow prevention, overheat, over current, lack of phase, under-voltage, output short circuit protection function, even a bad failure, intelligent elevator energy feedback device can complete resection of inverter and power grid connection, to protect the safety of the external device, when the failure protection, system can store related data, implement the fault intelligent diagnosis, thus the user understand the working conditions of equipment at the scene.
6. In terms of wiring, intelligent elevator energy feedback device adopts adaptive wiring method, link inverter dc bus terminals, do not need to distinguish between positive and negative polarity, link power grid, do not need to distinguish between three-phase phase, to avoid the various problems caused by field wiring error, the user more convenient to use.