Wujiang elevator exports into the fast lane

In 2009, according to statistics of inspection and quarantine bureau in wujiang wujiang export elevator machine 273 batches of 769 units, the amount of $17.694 million, the main products include passenger lifts and elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, mainly exported to Russia, Malaysia and other countries.

  The elevator industry is a technology-intensive industry, complex process, high safety performance requirements, wide involved in supporting enterprises. After more than 20 years development, wujiang elevator industry has formed a complete industrial chain, the economic development zone in Fen lake gradually formed a production of tractive elevator, hydraulic elevator, escalators, automatic sidewalks, elevator industry cluster, key parts to realize independent production, and formed its own brand of the machine. At present, wujiang district 27 elevator and escalator machine production enterprises, with the machine factory of more than 150 of manufacturer of elevator parts.

  Since the elevator product directory to the new technique, inspection and quarantine departments through to the enterprise publicity of laws and regulations, training for ciq, guiding quality inspector, SongFa door-to-door, type test supervision and guidance to product enterprise establish a standardized quality assurance system, promote industrial concentration regulation, improve the quality of exporting products of elevator, and urged wujiang elevator enterprises to expand exports, we make with homelite lifts wujiang elevator industry into the production of the fast lane.