Suzhou Lingmu Elevator in changchun’s square

Suzhou Lingmu Elevatorin changchun, fashion shopping center. Changchun saide fashion shopping center is in jilin industrial group company and the far east ACE Pacific co., LTD. Sino-foreign joint venture investment company. 1228 the sendai street is located in the changchun economic and technological development zone.[......]



Technical training seminars

In order to further promote the friendly cooperation with all the brothers unit, work more efficient, better adapt to the market, our company in late February to early March 2011, held a four-day “technical training seminar”. To attend the conference members come from more than 40 brothers unit of more than one hundred commissioning and technical personnel.[......]



The participation enterprise green expo elevator

Fair as the world’s oldest and one of the biggest international event, is a major event in display of human civilization and progress of science and technology, is an important stage show of the latest achievements of science and technology. In one hundred, to the development of world industrial footprint engraved on each session of the world expo.[......]



Wujiang elevator exports into the fast lane

In 2009, according to statistics of inspection and quarantine bureau in wujiang wujiang export elevator machine 273 batches of 769 units, the amount of $17.694 million, the main products include passenger lifts and elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, mainly exported to Russia, Malaysia and other countries.[......]